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macOS Ventura is Getting SERIOUS About Gaming??

Apple brought gaming up on the Mac specifically at WWDC 2022 which is a surprising development, and with a few angles. First was Metal 3, which included Apple’s own version of DCSS – upscaling graphics in real time taking some of the pressure off the CPU and GPU but still looking great and keeping frame […]

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M2 Macs & Beyond – the Apple Silicon Roadmap

Apple said in the spring that M1 Ultra is the final chip in their lineup, and with just the Mac Pro to complete the transition to Apple Silicon. Rumour is that we could see M2, the next generation of Apple Silicon within a month at WWDC, so what is M2 and should you be excited […]

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Are Intel’s Marketing Team DRUNK?

Intel’s marketing team are drunk iPhone 13 Leak Bomb from Jioriku Find My stuff that Apple didn’t make goes live The Death of LG Phones and Apple event format going forward. Intel’s marketing team are drunk Intel’s Marketing team are drunk at the wheel. In a move that I don’t think anyone saw coming, after […]

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The 120hz, Augmented reality INSANE future of Apple TV

This show is brought to you by… my merch! Yeah okay there’s not a lot of designs yet in the store but I’d love you to check them out over at and let me know in the comments what Apple Products you’d like to see in my next design. Probably also in a Pop […]

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What to expect from Apple in 2021 – Our Roadmap (1 of 2)

In spite of 2020’s… lets call them issues, Apple has had an incredible year. All the iPads (except for some reason the mini) got updated, we got 5 new iPhones, iPad Pros got magic keyboards, se watches, apple silicon and more. But that’s all in the past (and the subject of another video, subscribe and […]

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Apple Car in 2021‽ Microsoft Developing Surface SOCs

The report claims that Taiwanese manufacturers are preparing to ramp up for production of “Apple Car” components as early as the second quarter of next year, adding that Apple has been secretly testing dozens of prototype vehicles on the road in California. Apple received a permit from California’s DMV to test self-driving vehicles in 2017, […]