Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
  • Intel’s marketing team are drunk
  • iPhone 13 Leak Bomb from Jioriku
  • Find My stuff that Apple didn’t make goes live
  • The Death of LG Phones and
  • Apple event format going forward.
  • Intel’s marketing team are drunk

Intel’s Marketing team are drunk at the wheel.

In a move that I don’t think anyone saw coming, after poaching Justin I’m a Mac Long to talk about how brilliantly Intel lets computers be different colours and how people game on thin laptops and other very relevant points, Intel’s latest advert features… a MacBook Pro, unironically under the headline “the world’s best processor on a thin and light laptop”

And I certainly agree – and actually everything in the Ad actually seems true, as it says lower down that this claim is based on “unique features and testing of Intel Core i7-1185G7 processor”. Now, a quick look at GeekBench 5’s CPU results shows that this processor scores a respectable 1541 in single core tests (I’m cherry picking the best result to give it the best shot I can) and 5843 in multicore. Now, most tests of the same chip show mid 1400s single core and around 4800 multi, but, lets give it the benefit of the doubt.

When we move over to M1 though, we’re consistently in the 1700-1730 range, with multi core around 7500-7630. Which I guess, makes the advert true. The MacBook Pro in the Image probably does contain the world’s best processor on a thin and light laptop, because that laptop is a MacBook Pro with M1, and based on the testing of the Core i7-1185G7, it really is the best. But also, the dude is in beats and quite possibly using an Apple Magic Mouse.

The expected M1X SOP (system on package) that is thought to be arriving in the coming weeks will just be incredible in comparison even to the M1, and you can check out our performance predictions up here.

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iPhone 13 Leak Bomb from Jioriku

McGuire Wood on Twitter (@Jioriku) dropped a whole bunch of iPhone 13 (yes, that’s the name he’s going with for it, not 12S) and other Apple knowledge on April 6th, and although he’s not yet Apple Track ranked, I trust the dude, we’ve chatted a lot before and he’s a really awesome person… so lets do this. 

iOS 15 is expected to get a redesigned control centre similar to Big Sur’s current version which sounds great, especially as right now the Desktop OS looks way more touchable than, well the touchable ones.

A new API is coming that allows devs to need multi factor authentication, so you may have to use the faceID AND under screen fingerprint reader – oh yes, and that under display TouchID will apparently be ultrasonic, but the displays will be serialised to the body of the phone so replacing your own display will be harder, though if the ultrasonic sensors are built in, there may not be many third party options anyway. iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are also set to get 1TB options for their storage too. He also suggests that the black colour option has been approved, along with the always on display that will show Apple Watch style complications.

Beyond iPhone he’s also suggesting that faceID for the Mac has been successfully made and resources are being pushed towards the MacBooks at this point, with prototype displays with faceID cutouts existing at this point.

Now this feels like a bit of an info dump but there are some nice points in there, especially that FaceID is coming to Macs and MacBooks – while we’d seen rumours and code in early Big Sur builds, its nice to get a tip that its still on track and will be here in the near-ish future.

Find My stuff that Apple didn’t make goes live

The Find My network accessory program enables users to keep track of their belongings in the new Items tab within the Find My app. The Find My network has now been active for more than a decade, and is now embracing third party object trackers beginning with Belkin, Chipolo and VanMoof. Now what we haven’t seen believe it or not is Apple’s AirTags, their own version of the wireless tracker. Of course we haven’t seen the AirTags just yet, But it seems unlikely Apple would release these without an event to explain what they are and why you need them, so fingers crossed we’ll have an event announcement very soon.


Eliezer Aquino • 9 hours ago

#icaveanswers Lg left the Smartphone business, What do you think this means, might they be secretly working on the LG Wing? Whilst Lg tv’s are very popular and have high rating? What might happen after today, In the future of Lg.

Marcin Kowalczyk • 7 hours ago

@iCave – David Eden-Sangwell #iCaveAnswers​ do You think Apple will continue the video-style type of events long term or will they push towards in person events as soon as possible?

Tony Ward

#ICaveAnswers – Dave, Apple has invested heavily in VR/AR and has bought the company that developed the motion capture (MoCap) for XBOX. This would suggest the Apple TV will have enhanced interactive gaming capabilities. Presumably this would require a camera to be added to the Apple TV. Apple is rumored to be developing Apple Glasses. Do you see this technology being made available in the new Apple TV?