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What to expect from Apple in 2021 – Our Roadmap (1 of 2)

In spite of 2020’s… lets call them issues, Apple has had an incredible year. All the iPads (except for some reason the mini) got updated, we got 5 new iPhones, iPad Pros got magic keyboards, se watches, apple silicon and more. But that’s all in the past (and the subject of another video, subscribe and […]

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What Apple’s Acquisitions mean for their Future Roadmap.

On today’s show: iOS14 hits 80% adoption Parallels 16 for Apple Silicon Beta Drops Apple’s recent Acquisitions and what they could mean for future products. iOS 14 passes 80% adoption. Following its late September release, iOS 14 is now on over 80% (or 4/5) iPhones released in the past 4 years. While iPads lag behind […]

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New iPads, Cydia Sues & AirPods Max Reviews

I’ve not mentioned for a while but if you’re subscribed and ring the bell, post up #notificationsquad in the comments for this video and I’ll give you a shout at the end of our next Apple Daily – lets make this the biggest list we’ve ever done! We premiere the shows weekdays at 12 UTC […]

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What Apple’s recent products mean going forward.

Right up front, this segment is going to contain A LOT of speculation. This is not news, or leaks, but analysis based on past performance an hopefully, some common sense. I’ve complained in the past that Apple sucks at naming things. I’m hoping that with M1 Macs and their kinda fresh start, we could see […]