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The event that cost Jon Prosser his eyebrows and caused Sam from iUpdate to make an Only Fans is finally here. There has been more news so lets do a final break down of what is and isn’t coming tomorrow. Also, if you want to know how a puncture yesterday did this to my wife’s car, hang around till the end. But first, Spring Forward Preview.

Intro from Apple Tomorrow – New renders going live post show.

iOS 14.5 – Privacy focus for App Tracking Transparency and WatchID

iPads Pro – Yes.

A14X – 8GB Unified Memory – 5G options, Mini LED display and Thunderbolt port – iOS Leak confirmed – Probably a new pencil too.

iPad mini – Maybe… 2 options for the update without a redesign – A13 and keeps the 399 PRICE, OR A14 with 449 price.

iPad nothing probably not. We heard this could be basically the iPad Air 3 and drop to $300 but its been quiet since and the last update wasn’t far back, maybe later in the year.

AirTags – Yes – Apple’s tracker tag, presumably sealed to stay fully waterproof. Charging though could be a couple of ways – iPhone12 apparently has a reverse charge point in the back in the middle of MagSafe, but will the Apple Watch charger be used and rebranded as Magsafe Mini?

Apple TV

Faster core and 4k at 120Hz. Could be A14, A12Z or MAYBE M1X. Could add FaceTime and motion tracking

AirPods 3 No.

Apparently these have had delays in production ( though we’re seeing more leaks so not convinced) but also only the first AirPods got an event, so unless there’s something MASSIVELY revolutionary about them, I doubt we’d see them here.


The main thing I’m excited for is this, but my excitement is tempered slightly by the tweet from  Mark Gurman

“Would anyone else find it odd if a big iMac was using essentially the same processor as an iPad Pro?”

Now, I’m not assuming as many do that this means the iMac will just be M1 powered but I’m preparing myself that this could be the case. My money, for what its worth still says M1x powered and maybe with an M1 option just for education but there are also more suggestions coming that the lower end iMac could be called iMac Air and be the one that offers colours.

Now those same rumours suggest that the M1X more powerful model would come at WWDC, But I would be concerned that 2 options of the same product THAT close in release together would be a bad idea as it would potentially create a LOT of buyers remorse. 

Assuming M1X

Mac mini M1x?

MacBook Pros.

Sad violin?

Interestingly we actually DON’T Know what we’ll see in any detail for the event, which is pretty fun. At the end of last year, at least until One More Thing we kind of knew everything we’d see, though with Macs I don’t think anyone expected three on Day one, certainly not in that combination, so there could still be surprises here. There could also be disappointments. Either way, we’ll be breaking everything down live right after the event finishes, so make sure you set your reminder and come join me. In a fun plot twist I’ll be getting my second Rona shot earlier in the day, so you may also be able to witness a man be overcome by the apparently pretty real side effects. So that’s fun too.


Erstwhile Grubsnake

Marcin Kowalczyk asks

Eye Cave Answers care to guess the name of the new chip before the event? M2? M1T ?  M1D? something else ? i doubt they will stick just with M1x lol

Saad Ismail asks

Eye Cave Answers do you think the Apple Silicon Mac Pro will have a dedicated GPU, which will compromise on some of the high speed data speeds of the integrated module but would give much better GPU performance? Or do you think they’ll go with an integrated solution?

Tech Hyped asks

Eye Cave Answers Are you going to do a meetup after this covid thing ends ?

The Wuffball asks

Eye Cave Answers

Sidecar has shown the ipad form factor is good for macOS, what chance is there of a proper touch-capable Mac in the future?

Park oFile asks

Eye Cave Answers

What is the Rocket Platform on your back shelf?

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