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Let’s talk more about the event… the logo BASICALLY Confirms iMacs. And not even because of the colours.

I’m iCaveDave and I simplify Apple so everything just works for you. But what on earth in this logo confirms iMacs on Tuesday? Let’s talk about it. – Oh, and today’s show is shot and edited on iPhone. Just saying.

To be clear, this is not something that I realised, but it was mentioned on Jon Prosser and Sam Kohl’s podcast yesterday – The Genius Bar. Now I mentioned before that I thought we’d see that Hello pop up on the screen as the new iMacs were released (oh, and by the way you can grab my pop-art Macintosh merch, plus my new Dark Mode Always stuff at, on a mug, a bag or a shirt too and help support the channel!).  But is that very Hello Logo (or Hellogo?) hidden right there in the icon for the event? Maybe it is. Pretty clearly we have the L and E from the Hello right there in that Apple Logo, so could we see the animation of the Apple continue in the event turning into the Macintosh Hellogo in rainbow colours to introduce the new iMac in its splash of colours? I think so.

I’d also point out that before this channel was even called iCaveDave, back in the Living on iPad days, on August 31st last year I suggested that one way the new Apple Silicon Macs could differentiate (or in fact I said destroy intel, I’m basically a prophet) would be coloured MacBooks – because I was talking about the first one we expected, and at the time it would be the 12” MacBook because rumours said no fan, and in fact that was the MacBook Air that dumped its fan. I had about 60 subs then I think.

But leaker L0vetoDream who’s 89% accurate on Apple Track tweeted yesterday “enjoy the colors” and twitter lost its mind, as it looks like they were confirming the colours in the logo for iMac. We’ll see if this turns out to be true, but all the pieces seem to be lining up and pointing that way now.

Low end iMacs – I have a new theory.

There’s been a lot of talk about whether the two iMac codes we have refer to two sizes or two models of the smaller iMac. My money is firmly on the sizes as we’ve had registrations for basically the whole range in the euro database, and there’s only 2 in there. 1 digit apart, just like the existing iMacs. The only reason we currently have 2 identifiers for smaller iMacs is the 1080p model is unchanged since 2017. Different processors on board do not warrant different identifiers, its for generations, not chips.

But my prediction of $1099 starting price yesterday may have been premature – here’s a much more likely roadmap I think.

M1x next week – starts at 1299. High res screens, the works. Maybe an M1 that is purely for education but un-announced, just like the $799 Education only MacBook Air.

Then in October/November M2 iMac at 1099, most of the performance of M1X, but lower priced, and a great way for Apple to push the price lower. It makes sense from a marketing angle and I think releasing more with M1 right now is probably too late in the game. I could be wrong, but I think this is a decent idea for how they’d proceed going forward.

Also one more thought on the event name…

Spring Loaded – could this be about a Pro Display XDR like adjustable mount for the new iMacs?

Let me know in the comments.

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Eye cave answers… Something I have been wondering about for a long time are smartphone, tablet, and computer batteries.

And this brings me to the question, can there be a sustainable alternative to degradable lithium-ion batteries? If so, how long will its technology need to be implemented in these smart gadgets?

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