Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

In today’s Apple Daily, I’m answering YOUR Questions! Assuming you’re one of the four people who asked one. So the odds are, they’re not yours, but you’re welcome to hang out with us anyway, we’re all friends here.

In todays video, because we’re in that no-mans land between Christmas and New Year where no-one knows what day it is because they’re not at work, there’s very little news, because, well, no-one’s at work. So if you have a question at all, use #iCaveAnswers with your comment so I know you want it to be answered on the show, and if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to the channel and ring the bell so you don’t miss our next video.

@Tech Hyped  0:50 Hey How are you and have you ordered your M1 yet?

@souvik mukherjee  4:07 I’m curious to know whether Apple will bring on screen fingerprint sensor (along with existing Face ID) on the next year iPhones if they find themselves satisfied with that thing’s security.

@TheOfficial Team-B  5:50 Do you think that apple glasses will replace the iPhone or will they be an accessory like Apple Watch

@Joe Garcia 7:41 Thoughts on upgrades to existing Mac Pro machines? This is targeted at the low-volume high-cost professionals who invested in a bleeding edge upgradable mac system, so price isn’t as much an issue as mac performance. Reason I ask is that a typical 5-year (or so) machine lifespan would be hard-enforced by lack of x86 support in the OS when that time comes, so is there a reason for or against considering an Si frankenstein path? Like a PCIe card(s) that gives ARM-compatibility at speeds beyond an Si iMac for running apps (reverse Rosetta via hardware) or VMs? Maybe even a technique to bootstrap it into a native ARM mode, with peripheral and PCIe support (reminiscent of a PowerPC upgrade that inserted into the cache-slot for a few 68k Macs)? Or is this all a crazy idea, and there’s no reason to think professionals would want further investment than what they have access to already? Thanks!