Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
  • 0:00 On today’s Apple Daily:
  • 0:53 Apple OWNS new device activations on Christmas Day.
  • 3:54 AirPods Pro could come in 2 different sizes
  • 5:55 Apple’s Keyboards could get SERIOUSLY magic!
  • 7:24 And iCaveAnswers – Does Apple have time for M1X before M2?

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Apple OWNS new device activations on Christmas Day.

iPhones were the top 9 Phones activated in the US on Christmas Day this year. That’s not a typo here, there’s a list of the top 10 devices, and Apple is all but number 10. That, is crazy. So from top to bottom of the list, its iPhone 11 as the runaway winner, about 50% ahead of the second place iPhone XR, and filling out the list are iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 and in tenth, the LG K30.

So a few interesting take aways here, iPhone 11 being top of the list may seem surprising, but if you’re getting an iPhone for Christmas, its most likely from your parents – And given its price brand new its a pretty good deal right now. iPhone 11 Pro Max isn’t sold by Apple any more, nor are the 8 and 8 plus, so I have a feeling these numbers must include used handsets, not just first time activations for these devices.

As a result, there could be a number of hand me downs here in the list where for example someone has upgraded their phone and then passes their previous model to one of their kids, or even a more elderly relative who doesn’t need the latest and greatest.

The fact that iPhone 8 is still here, being activated which was released alongside the iPhone X in 2017 shows how Apple’s handsets are still very useful for a long time after release, and these will probably still have at least 2 years of software support in them, if not more. This, for me disproves many of the haters who say Apple designs their phones to only work for a couple of years, forcing the upgrade.

People upgrade because they want better cameras and new features, and in the case of iPhone 12, that new design too. But these older phones are still perfectly serviceable. I have an iPhone 8 right here that I use for work, and while the battery has seen better days, it doesn’t feel old at all in use, never misses a beat in terms of performance, but, yes, the camera sucks hard compared to more modern iPhones.

AirPods Pro could come in 2 different sizes

Mr White on Twitter (@LaoBaiTD) who has a history of pretty accurate leaks has shared alleged parts for AirPods Pro’s second generation. From the looks of Mr White’s twitter, he has had access to a number of prototype products including old iPhone 3GS models, AirPower, clear shots of 20w Charge bricks and more, so it seems he may work in tooling or production at one of Apple’s production partners.

This particular leak shows SOC housings but with two different length ribbon connectors, which could suggest either that Apple is planning multiple sizes of AirPods Pro as suggested by some news outlets, presumably for people with drastically asymmetrical ears? Or possibly, that one of these is actually either from an earlier prototype or that Apple is planning to use the same SOCs with different enclosures for their AirPods Pro and non-pro lines. It could be that the economies of scale would allow a more powerful chip to be used across the board with some features simply disabled in firmware or not attached to the sensors they’d need to operate.

Apple’s Keyboards could get SERIOUSLY magic!

Apple has been granted a patent for what might be a keyboard truly worthy of the “Magic” name. The patent details a keyboard with individual displays built into each key, allowing the layout to be changed on the fly for different use cases. These displays could make use of a number of different display technologies, though OLED would likely be the most appropriate to remove the need for an additional backlight.

The use of a reconfigurable keyboard like this could remove the need for localised versions of Macs with different keyboard layouts, simply by choosing your location and preferred keyboard layout when setting up the Mac it would be perfect for your needs. Not just this, but the keys could change contextually, for example when using Final Cut changing to tool icons unless you’re typing titles, in which case the letters will return.

For gaming, again, the keyboard itself can show the controls you need, rather than having to learn key bindings for specific functions. iCave Answers Rob Oo – If the A15 is coming out for iPhone 13 next year, then would it necessarily mean that M2 is also coming out next year? Then when is there going to be enough time for M1X or M1Z and other M1 variants?