Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

In our last video we looked at everything we expect from Apple next year in terms of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple’s Audio range. But now it’s time to turn to what, for me, is the most exciting stuff, Apple Silicon and the Mac. And make sure you hand around right to the end where we’ll talk Mac Pro and the ridiculous performance that the reported 32 Performance core SOC could be putting out. We did Math.

  • 0:00 In this video:
  • 0:55 Apple TV, Past, present and Future.
  • 3:44 Macs – starting with MacBook Air
  • 4:28 M2 Apple Silicon Performance Predictions
  • 6:25 MacBook Pro – 13″, 14″ and 16″
  • 7:21 Apple Silicon M1X performance calculation (Prediction)
  • 8:28 MacBook Pro Redesign and Upgrades
  • 10:34 Mac mini M1X
  • 11:07 Mac mini expandability and eGPU support
  • 11:58 Mac mini SE possibility
  • 12:46 iMac – Redesign and bigger displays
  • 14:58 Mac Pro Redesign
  • 16:03 Mac Pro Apple Silicon Performance Calculations (Prediction
  • 17:08 Will there be any more Intel Macs?
  • All renders in the video are via Apple Tomorrow on Twitter! Go follow!