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We’ve got the full line up for WWDC2022 now as Apple starts ramping up their marketing around the event – but first, lets talk about that rainbow emoji graphic that they’ve introduced it with…

At first glance you may think, standard Apple Rainbow logo stuff, nothing to see here. BUT NO! Apple’s is Green, Yellow Orange, Red, Purple, Blue from top to bottom.

There are not enough colours here for starters with either yellow or orange missing depending on what you personally consider this colour here to be (answers in the comments please). 5 colours. Are those the reflections off the displays of new MacBook Airs that come with matching wallpapers on their super bright new MiniLED Displays?

I mean what else could 5 coloured emoji faces really be. Also this red face has the exact shape of the iMac G3, the original iMac. Are we getting iMacs too??

Okay, I’m overreaching now.

But still, I think we’re seeing hardware. I think its the MacBook Air and if someone would like to buy me one that would be great as the news has been thin on the ground so I’m now poor as a tech YouTuber. Pity me.

Anyway, WWDC, we have The Keynote at 10am Pacific, followed by the Platforms state of the Union three hours later. The WWDC Keynote is likely to be between 90 mins and 2 hours, that’s pretty typical for WWDC as they’ll have iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, tvOS and macOS to showcase, plus whatever hardware we may see.

Bear in mind there’s a good chance that we could see the Mac Pro with Apple silicon, regardless of whether it’s ready to ship yet – historically we’ve seen these announced at WWDC and then shipping in December.

We’ve heard that the pro display is also delayed for shipping until around October from Ross Young, so many think we won’t see it at WWDC.

But if the Mac Pro isn’t coming until the end of the year, they could still showcase it and ship them together, though that may risk shorter term sales on the Studio Display.

I still think they’ll call the more pro version the Studio Display XDR if its gonna have MiniLED too, just planting my flag on that name there. The rest of WWDC week (as remember its a full week) consists of Developer sessions where devs can get access to Apple’s engineers, marketers and more to help get their apps to the next level.

There’s also of course the Apple Design awards, which will be announced at 5pm PT on the same day as the keynote, though that will be around 1am my time so I may ignore it.

Let me know if anything good happens there American viewers. It’s probably important to point out too that Apple has tightened the requirements for those travelling to Cupertino to attend the viewing of the WWDC keynote, now requiring a negative FDA covid test uploaded to Apple and N95 masks while on site.

The very fact that Apple is pushing to keep the in person aspect of the event suggests that some sort of hardware will be revealed.

There is also potential that Apple could release at least developer APIs and development hardware for their AR/VR headset, something that would certainly warrant an in person reveal, though at this point its not clear if Press have been invited alongside developers at the event.

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Honestly though, only three of you wanted a shout out? I want way more posting Hashtag notificationsquad in the comments for tomorrow please. That was just embarrassing.

Also Apple released this week new Pride faces for Apple Watch and matching watch bands like every other year. I think the watch face is kinda weak, tricky to read and I’m a fan of complications but I do like the darker band option.

We’re also seeing some reports that China Lockdowns are affecting iPhone production, with at least one model up to 3 weeks behind schedule. Details are scarce but I’d guess this is more likely to lead to constrained availability than actually delaying the launch.

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