Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Apple has today revealed Apple Music Live, a series of collaborations to share live music experiences with Apple Music members.

“Get ready for a massive new event series, featuring performances from the world’s biggest stars, only on Apple Music.

It all kicks off on 20 May at 9PM EDT or 2AM BST with Harry Styles: One Night Only in New York, with the megastar performing his brand-new album Harry’s House live.

No matter how much time and effort an artist may spend crafting music in the studio, it’s on the stage where they really get to show their work.

The series kicks off on 21 May with Harry Styles, premiering his third solo album Harry’s House in New York to an arena full of his closest friends and loudest fans.

Apple Music Live is a new recurring series designed to do just that: give the biggest stars in music the biggest possible platform to flaunt how
they connect with audiences and how their songs translate to live performance.

Tune into see the show as it happens, and also watch Harry’s in-depth interview with Zane Lowe about the making of the album.”

Everything starts from May 20th, this Friday and we’re looking forward to seeing what else Apple has in store.