Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

After teasing it earlier this week Apple has released their Skywalker Sound Behind the Mac video for Star Wars Day.

Mac’s have long been the go to tool for many creatives, and it seems the team at Skywalker sound in LucasFilm are no exception.

This video from Apple on Star Wars day (May the Fourth be with you) celebrates the work of the team on projects like the Mandelorian, Last Jedi and more.

The team uses a combination of traditional foley artist techniques along with digital manipulation to create the sounds of the Star Wars Galaxy, the Toy Story universe and much more.

From how Sound Librarians catalogue, sort and tag thousands of sound effects, to the racks and racks of Mac Pros that are storing and playing out to the edit bays, this is an amazing peek behind the scenes.

So from Jurassic Park to Iron Man and Star Wars to Space Balls, Skywalker Sound works every day using the Mac to create the sounds of the movies and TV shows we all love.

From Star Wars to Space Balls

Another example of Apple looking behind the scenes, this time not at Apple themselves, but the pros who use Macs for their daily work.