Sun. May 19th, 2024

Viewer Ali Zain Noorani asks…

“Hi Dave. Thanks for the answer. I’ll definitely look into the subscription model if Apple lets everyday consumers use it. I just want the best performance now, and if I do have a requirement to upgrade a few years down the line, I’ll be open to it. I would probably still keep this laptop, as a secondary device, with all my data. I guess we are also on the same page about Windows lol

🤣. #icaveanswers 1. Do you think that Apple will add Face-ID to the MacBook Pros this time round? Or might we have to wait a few more years? I would really love Face-ID on my future laptop, as it would be a great addition to it. It seems more obvious than ever, now that they have the notch on it now.

2. What do you think the performance gains of the M2 Max would be? Especially against the M1 Max (CPU and GPU).

3. Also, how do you think the new GPU with more cores would fair against the RTX 40 series, and AMD’s 7000 series of GPU’s? There’s a lot of news going around where AMD will be using their chiplet architecture (Similar to Ultra Fusion) to make their GPU’s. This is being rumoured to be giving an over 200% increase in performance in their 7900XT, which is even rumoured to beat out the RTX 4090.

4. Do you think that Apple might be able to match some of these performance gains? As we saw in the iPhone 13 Pros, there was an ~40% increase in GPU performance due to them adding 1 more GPU core (20% increase). The M2 Max is rumoured to have up to a 40 core GPU (which also adds 20% more cores).

5. Do you think these performance gains on the M2 Max would be close to linear? As we saw with the current gen MacBook Pros, the performance gains between the M1 Pro and M1 Max were quite linear in most cases.

6. Do you think they might improve on the media engine or the neural engine to increase performance with video, 3D and/or any application with AI or encoding/decoding needs?

7. Also, when do you think Apple will stop showing those vague graphs? It’s almost like they are giving all the Mac haters (PC people, mostly) a reason to hate on their products more. This is something they could genuinely learn from competitors like Intel and AMD. They show clear numbers and which app they got those numbers from (instead of “relative performance”). I’m sorry for the endlessly long icaveanswer. Once I start writing, I can’t stop lol 🤣.