Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
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A predicted, we got iOS & iPadOS 14.4 along with new Apple Watch, HomePod and Apple TV software today. But this time, there are some potentially significant security holes that are being fixed in the software as well as the usual trivial bug fixes and the addition of Find my Stuff features.

These are what is known as Zero Day exploits, and while I’m no security researcher these are the ones you need to avoid. It basically means a security issue that is discovered because it is being actively used, not found and patched ahead of time. In other words, update your stuff right now.

The first describes a “malicious application that may be able to elevate privileges” and Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited, while the second is an issue with Webkit that runs the Safari Browser, allowing a remote attacker to cause an arbitrary code execution. Again, there have already been reports from two researchers that this issue may have been actively exploited.

There are of course also a bunch of mini feature updates like the support for Find My Stuff type devices, which really suggests we could be seeing AirTags soon, though we’ve been saying that for about 2 years at this point. There’s also support for U1 based handoff to HomePod mini from iPhone, so some fun reasons to update as well as the more terrifying and pressing security holes. So please pass that Update message on to your friends and family members too, as if you’re watching this, you’re probably the person they go to when their stuff gets broken on has an issue because of security issues.

Rob Oo
#iCaveAnswers With A15 coming out in late 2021, do you think Apple will push out a M2 mac to match, or do you think they will try to milk the M1 still and put out a M1X in late 2021, even when the A15 becomes available? Or perhaps they will have both M2 and M1X macs for different pro level macs (just like they have A12, A13 and A14 iPhones for sale at the same time).

Janos Vymer
#icaveanswers when will bootcamp be available for m1 Macs? I know that apple is waiting for Microsoft to allow/work on that. But are there any news on how it is going?

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