Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
0:00 On Today’s Apple Daily:
0:37 Ted Update
2:46 TSMC Outbreak news
3:13 Will MacBook Prices fall soon?
8:43 Should I Buy an M1 Mac or Intel now or Wait?
13:17 What Laser Printer/Fax Scanner should I get for Apple Silicon?
14:44 Notification Squad

Alric Samuel Godfrey
#iCaveAnswers Do you think that there could be a chance that MacBook Prices could also reduce in the near future? Now that they are ditching the TouchBar and are making their own silicone I’m sure even with MiniLED the new Macs shouldn’t cost the same to manufacture as the previous Macs. I believe this cost is only going to go down a lot more because Apple would continue to improve their production standards for Apple Silicon along with TSMC. So do you think there is good chance they’d reduce the price or if you think that they could bring in a new feature to fill that gap what do you think that could be?

General – asked all the time. Should I get the current M1 whatever it is or wait for the next version that might be better? –

Merchannel asked:
Have to ask again: do u buy M1 Air or Intel Mac to use then sell in Q3? People who need something now were gonna buy M1 Air & sell it in Q3 when 14/16” MBP arrive. But now it seems the incoming Air re-model will kill resale price of M1 Air. Maybe Intels have less to lose in value, if you can sell them later

Rob Oo
#icaveanswers HELP!! What is a compatible multi-function laser printer/scanner/fax machine that will fully work with the M1 macs? Can anyone recommend one? Must be compatible with Big Sur and have all the drivers so that I can print, scan and fax from the multi-function machine, preferably wirelessly, and be Airprint compatible for iOS printing.

Notification Squad

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