Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Installing Windows 10 Pro on iMac – DON’T make this BOOTCAMP MISTAKE!

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BootCamp is a piece of software from Apple that allows Intel based Macs to split their internal drive and dual boot to windows. Its famously simple to use and automatically installs all the drivers you need for your Mac. So why have I always struggled. I had to find out.

So why am I doing this? Well, since Apple Silicon is now here and it doesn’t support Windows right now in either Bootcamp or, in any practical way, virtualised, an Intel Mac is the way to go, and at least half my steam library is full of games I just can’t play through MacOS.

Also, when I told people how I’d wasted days before trying to get it working, I was told its super easy, and that I basically sucked for not having it working already. I do love a little encouragement from a supportive community.

So I fired up BootCamp, grabbed a USB drive and I was ready to go. Clicked continue –

“Boot Camp Assistant has encountered a problem. An internal error has occurred.”

Okay. Twitter, anyone got a clue? Talk to Apple Support they said. Fine. Apple support on the phone, started chatting as I often do, “Oh yes, my iMac is running off an external SSD because the internal drive is really slow.” Ah, well there’s your issue.

Because BootCamp is designed to partition your internal drive, which is generally a boot drive, seeing that was empty had just caused it to instantly become confused and give up. So, cleared the internal drive to an external back up, booted into recovery and put a clean install of Catalina on there.

Opened Boot Camp, running perfectly. Now it all makes sense.

So I downloaded Windows 10 directly from Microsoft and headed over to to grab my Windows 10 Pro key. If you’re going to do it, do it right I say, and thanks to CDK Offers for sponsoring this video.

It was a super easy process, paid super easily and securely through PayPal and we’re good.

Back to BootCamp and its done its work, Turing the Windows 10 ISO into a bootable on the USB Drive along with the Assistant files needed to get everything going as well as partitioning the internal drive with a 300GB NTFS Partition to install it on. When it finishes, the iMac restarts and runs the Windows installer which is just as you’d expect.

It takes the normal windows time to install and asks you all the usual stuff. And after a entering my Windows 10 Pro key, we’re all set up, with a working installation of Windows that’s just simple restart away. Just hold Option when booting to get the Boot option screen so you can choose your OS from here on out.

So there it is guys – a fully working iMac running Windows as an option so that I can play all my windows games at full performance with a nice dose of nostalgia for my childhood. Thanks to for making this video possible and also a pleasure to make, check out the link to their site in the description.

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