Tue. Jul 16th, 2024
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1:28 Native Apple Silicon support comes to Office and Firefox
2:57 Apple increases iPhone 12 orders by 30% for next quarter
4:07 Plans for an AGGRESSIVE production of Apple Silicon Macs in 2021.
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Native Apple Silicon support comes to Microsoft Office & Firefox
Apple Silicon’s native support is getting better day by day, eliminating the performance hit that running intel native apps via Rosetta 2 brings. In the past couple of days Microsoft has released their Apple Silicon native version of MS office, which I hear still has a handful of users worldwide, even if it is quite a niche product.

In addition, open source browser Firefox has also brought Apple Silicon native code, so if you’re a supporter of open source computing or just like the idea of more competition in the browser space, there’s another option now.

Apple increases iPhone 12 orders by 30% for next quarter

New reports show that Apple is looking at ordering up to 96 Million iPhones for January to June 2021, up around 30% from last years orders, effectively confirming the popularity that this year’s iPhone refresh cycle was reported to have seen.

My best guess is that this is very much to to with the new look design across the range, as well as the introduction of iPhone 12 mini expanding the range. Also reports have shown that the Pro models have had better than expected demand in the iPhone 12 range, even though everyone said it would be a flop without 120hz ProMotion displays. As I said before, I genuinely don’t think the vast majority of the general buying public don’t have a clue what refresh rate means, and nor should they.

Apple Plans an AGGRESSIVE production of Apple Silicon Macs in 2021.
So you may or may not have noticed, but Apple has recently made a fairly significant change to their Macs, by kicking out Intel and plopping in their very own silicon into their lowest end Macs, the MacBook Air, 13” MacBook Pro and base Mac mini. But here’s the thing, they’re actually pretty quick, and some people noticed that they were actually faster than pretty much all the “top spec” models in the ranges that kept their Intel options.

So following on from the news that Apple’s M1 powered Mac mini has made Apple jump from 15 to 27.1% of the desktop market share in Japan in just a couple of weeks after it was launched, it seems the guys out in Cupertino decided they should probably make some more Macs too.

That being said, the rumoured versions of Apple Silicon that we understand Apple is testing right now could make the iMac and its iMac Pro big brother. On December 7th, Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on Apple Silicon SOCs with 16 Power cores – those are the high performance Firestorm cores in addition to 4 Icestorm cores, the high efficiency cores, intended for high end MacBook and iMac models. There are also 8 and 12 Firestorm core models being explored for these devices, though its not clear if these will simply be binned chips with a number or cores not operable on the silicon, sold at a lower cost.

While single core performance on the M1 at an industry leading 1730ish on Geekbench 5, multicore score certainly has some room to grow with more cores, with the 4 Firestorm M1 being comparable to the Intel i9 10900k.

Bloomberg also reports that a 32 performance core chip is also being explored for 2022 in the Mac Pro which is rumoured to have a smaller, yet familiar form factor based on the current model’s chassis, as well as graphics being explored to move from the current 8 core version to 16 and 32 core graphics cores in 2021 and 64 to 128 cores in 2022, so AMD and Nvidia should both be worried as what just happened to Intel may be coming for them too!