Apple “Fortnite is Boring”, AirPod Studio Leaks, & What Watch?

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AirPods Studio LEAKS
Jon Prosser, who’s had pictures for a while has shown renders based on images he has of the upcoming AirPods Studio, after the images that he had access to were leaked by other leakers. Yes, a leaker’s leaks got leaked by another leaker. I’m confused too.

One thing I have to say is I’ve gained more respect for Jon after all this, you can find his Front Page Tech video in the cards up there, but he was super annoyed as the leaks could have compromised the safety/integrity/job of his source. Want a bunch of more detail? Go watch Jon’s video. He’s done a bunch of work on it so its not my place to share it all.

Apple accuses Epic of Lawsuit Publicity stunt because people were bored of Fortnite.

In the latest developments between Apple and Epic Games, Apple has filed their opposition suit, 37 pages of it claiming that Epic “stated a fire, poured gasoline on it” and is now asking for help to put it out, after Fortnite’s popularity fell 70% between October 2019 and July 2020.

Apple argues that the whole lawsuit is designed to reinvigurate interest in the game.

Tim Apple is clearly not playing games.

Which Apple Watch is right for you?
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