Apple Special Event Preview iPhones?

Its REALLY Event day!

Here’s what I think we’ll see, and why, starting with what are probably the safest bets.
0:00 Introduction
0:29 Apple TV+ Update
1:27 Apple TV with A12 SOC
1:47 Apple Card goes International
2:37 Apple One and Fitness+
3:18 Apple Watch and WatchOS 7
4:13 iPad 8th Generation
5:15 iPad Air 4th Generation
6:18 Breaking iPad news while filming!
7:01iPhone 12 & 12 Pro
10:59 AirTags and AirPower
12:30 Apple Silicon?
14:07 Notification Squad

Some new trailers for Apple TV+
This is almost inevitable, especially as everyone’s 12 month free subscriptions will be ending soon, so Apple needs to convince us all to keep those subscriptions active. Possibly also an A12 based Apple TV update, but no specifics on this. 50%

Apple Card International 90%
As we mentioned recently, Apple looks to be positioning for an international expansion of Apple Card. While many countries have regulations which would make their cash back levels harder to achieve, but with Apple’s new product financing plans, that could well be a flagship feature going forward.

Apple Fitness+ 95%
Rumoured for a while, especially having seen the WWDC Apple Watch announcements along with changing the Activity App for iPhone to Fitness in iOS 14.
Apple’s expected to offer Peleton style live and on demand classes for a subscription fee.

Apple One 95%
The Android App version of Apple Music has included code referring to Apple One subscriptions, so it seems quite possible that the Apple services bundle of News+, TV+, Arcade, Music and Fitness+ are incoming. Apple could add other parts like iCloud storage or unannounced services too.

Apple Watch & WatchOS7 95%
This seems inevitable as we have supply constraints on series 5 at this point, and its one of the things everyone has pointed to for a while. The new Flagship Apple Watch (maybe Pro) will include a Pulse Oximeter, and a replacement for the Series 3 based on the Series 4 chassis is also expected with the larger display pair of 40 & 44mm.

iPad 8th Gen 90%
An update to Apple’s lowest price iPad, and as much as I’d love this to merge with the iPad Air, in order to keep their entry price point, I think it will keep its current form factor whilst benefitting from the A10 SOC being replaced by the A12 which was released in iPhone XS, XS Max & iPhone XR.

iPad Air 4 90%
Here we’re expecting a full overhaul of the design, moving to the iPad Pro design language with All Screen design and no home button.
There was a leaked manual showing no FaceID but a power button housing a TouchID sensor. I’m doubtful of this as Apple has never shipped a device without FaceID where the Home button has been deleted – you’d have to hit the TouchID and then move your hand down to swipe the screen up and open… probably. Doesn’t seem elegant. I wonder if the TouchID version was created for a country where facial recognition is illegal? Maybe? Not sure. I’d have expected FaceID really.

iPhone 12 & 12 Pro – 75%
I know I’m out on my own here, or at least not in line with what a lot of the leakers are saying. But here’s a bunch of reasons why. iOS and iPadOS release together each year, and if we have iOS coming, we get new iPhones to use it on.
Apple said in the earnings call that iPhones would be delayed a couple of weeks. The event is already later in September than normal, and 4 Days ago Jon Prosser said Mass Production had started on iPhone 12 this week… in a post about the 120hz ProMotion panels for iPhone 12 PRO – and the pro part is important. He also said they need iOS 14.1 installed. Also, I think only for the PRO iPhones.

iPhone 12 & Pro will be announced, iPhone 12 with orders starting this Friday, shipping next week. iPhone 12 PRO will start pre-orders mid October, shipping before the end of October. iPhone 11 gets a price drop effective today.
There could be constrained supply on the iPhone 12s initially, but Apple should be fine with that.

AirTags 75% & AirPower 50% (IF WE SEE IPHONES)

Outside chance, Apple Silicon MacBook or MacBook Pro, but I think there will be another event around mid October announcing these, new iPad Pro (as A14 in the iPhone and iPad Air will be similarly powered to the current A12Z), but also potentially launching Pro Apps like Final Cut and Logic for iPad Pro, and introducing AirPods Studio alongside those Apps.
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