Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

The review embargoes are lifted and now the chosen on YouTube and other news outlets are able to give their opinions.

Starting off here with Rene Ritchie, the M2 MacBook Pro is a 6 year old body with the latest silicon. Still with 20 hours of battery life for streaming video and industry leading battery for pretty much everything else.

But does Rene think you should choose this over the M2 MacBook Air? Rene says no, unless you’re either a HUGE fan of the Touch Bar or really need the sustained performance.

It’s of course missing the MagSafe charging option, still has the relatively potato webcam and that old, old design.

GPU and Neural engines, along with the Media engines being added do make it a good improvement over M1 though, if not enough to upgrade from M1 for most.