Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Rumours have been a floating around for years that Apple could be looking to enter the games market with dedicated gaming hardware. Of course, we normally call this a Console, whether TV based or hand held.

Apple in the past did team up with Bandai for the ill-fated Pippin – and even that wasn’t ACTUALLY a games console contrary to popular belief.

But recent Apple patents have pointed towards more game focused hardware, and Max Tech have, as always made one of the most comprehensive videos out there on the topic.

Dedicated Games Console?

It looks to me though like Apple is actually looking more at accessories for the iPhone and iPad. Both of these devices have multiple times the power of the Nintendo Switch as the video mentions, but hardware controls made specifically for the devices would be a big win.

MagSafe could well be key to this program, as a great way to attach the controls and potentially even pass data on an updated version.

But a whole device purely for gaming doesn’t sit right with me. I know others make consoles with success, but to me it’s like Apple building a video editing Mac that you can’t type a document on.

This is why the Apple TV with hardware to support gaming made more sense to me, because it’s a multi use device. Even most consoles now double as a media centre, so does dedicated gaming still appeal? I don’t know.