Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

One of my personal biggest takeaways from Apple’s keynote when they announced Apple One and Apple Fitness+ was how awesome that wall with the rings painted on it looked.

Closing your rings has become a huge part of people’s lives, letting the Apple Watch track your movement and activity throughout the day.

Apple Fitness+ takes the Apple Watch to a whole new level with workouts for all abilities and ages.

Copyright: Apple Newsroom

The Fitness+ studio itself has 13 cameras, many of them autonomous or remotely controlled. Many of the cameras are also built into the studio’s ceiling out of the way so that the Fitness+ instructors can focus on the class they’re leading.

One thing that was really interesting is that the instructors all seem to work together to develop their routines. They have full rehearsals before each class is filmed where other trainers give feedback and help to make sure the classes are fully inclusive.

Speaking of inclusivity, all the trainers also take ASL (American Sign Language) classes every Friday too so they can develop their skills and make their classes even more accessible.

It’s interesting that Apple is opening up a little more behind the scenes, with Sara Dietchy recently meeting Apple’s latest recycling robot too. Could this be a change in Apple’s policy for what happens behind the curtain? We can only hope!