Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
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WWDC Wednesday
Why is everyone in the invite images wearing glasses? More on that later. Not much later though apparently.

Last year’s in review and looking forward to 2021
2020 –
Apple’s first digital event – opened with Tim Cook talking about Black Lives Matter and the killing of George Floyd and apple’s developer Entrepreneur program as well as how the pandemic had affected Apple and their customers.

IOS 14 new features introduced:
Home Screen gets the App Library
Widgets added
Picture in Picture video
Siri getting new minimal interface
Dictation on device
Pinned Messages & in-line replies
Maps updates with cycling and Look Around
CarPlay wallpapers and new apps
Car key
App clips (those really took off)

Joe • 16 hours ago
– Home App Widget
– Interactive / Now Playing Widgets
– Custom App Icons
– No More Grid / Place Anywhere
– Custom Theming
– More Editing Tools in Stock Photos
– Revamped Mail, Music, Podcast, Tips App
– Offline Mode for Siri
– Smarter Voice Assistant
– Web Inspector for Safari
– Split Screen Multitasking on iPhone
– Settings App Redesign
– Lock Apps via Biometric / PIN
– Turn Off Mic / Camera
– Lock Notes That Contain Files, Audio PDF

Widgets for iPad
System level sidebars
Minimal notifications
Minimal search
Apple Pencil Scribble

AirPods automatic switching
Spacial audio

Apple Watch
Multiple complications
New faces
Face sharing
Maps cycling directions
Fitness with new workouts
Sleep tracking & Wind Down
Hand Washing Detection

Approximate Location
Mic and Camera status lights
App Tracking Transparency
Privacy Nutrition Labels

Open Source HomeKit
New Interoperability alliance
Adaptive lighting
Camera Activity zones
Announce visitors
Multi user Apple Arcade for TV
Picture in Picture
Issac Asimov’s Foundation

Big Sur
Brand new design philosophy
New Sounds for Mac
SideBar from iPad comes to the Mac
More spacious menus
iPad (Touch style) Control Centre
Notification centre with Widgets
Most native Apps get all the updates from iPadOS
New Safari Start pages

Your Name suggestions
DJ Jumpdancer – macOS Venice
Jacob Ellison macOS Shasta
Tim Beaton – macOS Napa Valley, Mount Diablo, Morro Rock, Zabriskie Point, Santa Cruz. Not San Andreas Fault or Death Valley.
Cleveland Ironman – macOS Sonoma or Santa Rosa
Greg Robel macOS Capistrano
Phil Rosa Leeke macOS Lake Tahoe (dig at intel)

Then of course last year we got our reveal of Apple Silicon, so will we see hardware here?

Jon Prosser Apple Glass

Viewer Andrew Asks
iCaveAnswers, Do you think Apple will include a dedicated GPU in the MacBook Pro 16? The 15/16 inch always got a better graphics performance compared to the 13-inch version.

Marcin Kowalczyk • 17 hours ago
@iCave – David Eden-Sangwell #iCaveAnswers You think there is a probable desktop mac platform with NO USB-A ports AT ALL ? (excluding laptops, since that’s we’ve seen already)
2. do You think an all-touchscreen keyboard for mac desktop as an option is possible in the future?
3. do You think rise of ARM platform in macs will accelerate cross-platform malware / trojans development?

Marcin Kowalczyk • 16 hours ago
@iCave – David Eden-Sangwell #iCaveAnswers Do You think imac m1x display panel will be just a nerfed pro xdr display with mini-LED to simplify their tooling/inventory or some more exotic solution?

René Pouliot
#question do you ever see Apple selling its M1 chips to other PC companies? I can’t see it short term but the potential of Apple ARM chips seems so great. What happens when Apple leaves the competition in the dust

Marcin Kowalczyk • 16 hours ago
@iCave – David Eden-Sangwell #iCaveAnswers Do You think Apple Shoring up / effectively funding TSMC’s R&D is a part of APPLE MASTER PLAN / LONG-GAME (iCar,iHospital,iPlane,iCITY )???

Joe • 16 hours ago
#iCaveAnswers, Are you interesting in a company called “SpaceX”?