Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
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0:00 On Today’s Apple Daily
1:20 BlastDoor protects your iPhone from malicious messages
2:03 Facebook Prepares AntiTrust suit against Apple.
2:45 My vintage Mac collection…
4:56 iCave Answers Glowing Logos on MacBooks,
5:41 Integrated and Discreet Graphics in Apple Silicon
7:02 And when will iOS 14.5 get here?
7:45 Notification squad. Mini.

BlastDoor protects your iPhone from malicious messages

We’ve all seen reports of a wallpaper that can brick your phone in the past, or a text message that contains code that sends your phone in to a boot loop. Well it turns out Apple wasn’t keen on at least the later, and with iOS 14 it created a system called BlastDoor – which keeps any data arriving in a message separated from the phone’s OS until it has been verified as safe, or Defused.

It’s an extension of Sandboxing, but I think in the past Messages had been a system level process which possibly left iPhones more vulnerable than Apple would like, so they quietly implemented this behind the scenes. It’s completely invisible to users, just as they like it.

Facebook Prepares AntiTrust suit against Apple.

In what seems to be the sequel to Apple V Fortnight, Facebook is now preparing a lawsuit against Apple because they don’t like playing by the App Store rules. Now this particular suit is because they don’t believe Apple’s own Apps are having to abide by the same privacy and other rules as third party apps, though Apple has published all the information on their website that already covers that. You know. Details Mark.

But it sounds like even Facebook’s own employees are not happy about the battle with Apple – and themselves seem uncomfortable with some of the company’s practices around privacy – so it remains to be seen if this action comes to pass or if its really more grandstanding on the side of mr Zucks.

My vintage Mac collection…

So having moved my setup around, people have noticed my PowerMac G4 Cube – and asked if I’m into old Macs. Yes. Yes I am. So, in as close as I can do to chronological order, I currently own…

Apple Newton eMate 300
G3 iMac Indigo
PowerMac G3
G3 iBook Clamshell (and a second for spares)
2x eMacs
iMac g4 (sunflower)
PowerMac G4 Quicksilver
PowerMac G4 Cube
2x Polycarbonate Studio ADC Displays
Apple Cinema Display 22”
PowerMac G5 Single 1.8Ghz
20” Cinema Display
Black MacBook 2007 Core 2 Duo
Mac mini Core 2 Duo 2009
iPod nano 2010
iPhone 4
MacBook Air 2011 11”
iPhone 4s
iPhone 5
iPad mini 1st Gen (x2)
iPad with Retina display
iMac 27” 2013
iPhone 6 (sold – Jake’s)
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8 (work, Jo’s)
Apple Watch Series 2 – then Series 0 Stainless
iPhone XS (Sold)
iPad 5th Gen (sold)
Apple Watch SE
iPad Air
iPhone 12 Pro Max
MacBook Air M1 (My wife’s)
Mac mini M1

vinay spidey

• 37 seconds ago
Will the glowing Apple logo will be back in upcoming macbooks?🤔🤔. @icaveanswers

Rico The MLG PRO • 13 hours ago
#iCaveAnswers Do you think that the M1X or M2 will have just Better integrated Graphics or will it have a Dedicated GPU?

James Apple • 2 hours ago
When will they Apple released iOS 14.5? Because I want to stick it to Facebook #icaveanswers and also #notificationsquad