Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
In today’s video I’m talking about the process I use when making our videos, answering a viewer question 🙂 Since its release, I’ve used iPhone 12 Pro Max as my main camera for YouTube, livestreams with OBS and even for B-roll. So this is Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Scripting is done on Apple Notes, synced across all my devices so I can not stuff on the go and then come to the desk to flesh out the script. I then paste that into the TeleprompterPAD app for filming on my iPhone 8.
The videos are shot on the main camera of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, replacing my old Lumix G7 which was my main shooter before. I use Filmic Pro to record along with their remote app on iPad Air as a monitor, but there is also an Apple Watch app that can be used for framing and to start and stop recordings too. I record straight to the phone’s camera roll then use AirDrop to send it to the iMac where I edit in Final Cut Pro.

Also in this video, will Apple release M1 based Time Capsules or SSD NAS.