Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
miniLED Macbook

MagSafe Duo is more real than AirPower ever was.

Yesterday without any fanfare, the MagSafe Duo charger appeared on available to buy for the frankly insane price of $129. Alternatively you could pick up a MagSafe Charger and an Apple Watch charger and tape them to a piece of cardboard.

That will cost you just 39 + 29 ($68) for the watch charger, so assuming you already own a cereal box or something, you’ll save a solid $61. That could buy you a set of Beats Flex wireless earphones, and some lunch. On the plus side, it seems that this wasn’t as hard to build as the infamous AirPower, so fingers crossed it won’t overheat and sneak back into the bushes.

Apple Announces their Apps of the Year!

Apple has announced their top Apps of 2020, and honestly they really do, in a few cases reflect the year that was. iPhone App of the year is Wakeout – a home workout app, perfect for anyone stuck in the house and while gyms have been closed. Wasn’t it nice of Apple to give them some love before launching Apple Fitness Plus any day now and probably taking a chunk of their business.

On iPad, Zoom takes the top spot, and I doubt many apps have grown in use more than this. Mac App of the year is Fantastical, which I always hear great things about but I’m not a huge user of calendar apps, though I feel like I should check it out. Disney Plus is the TV app that takes the prize, and Endel on Apple Watch.

Winners will receive the most bringing Aluminium App Store logo which honestly makes me want to start making apps, because I need that in my life.

2 MiniLED MacBook Pros plus iPad next year says Ming Chi Kuo

Ming-Chi Kuo has released a new note to investors around Apple’s Mini LED displays predicting 2 new Mini LED MacBook Pros in 2021 and a MacBook Air redesign in 2022.

Mini LED removes the full coverage backlight and instead has many local dimming zones that shine through to allow OLED like performance with much lower cost and less of the disadvantages like uneven brightness and Burn in issues. Kuo also points to the lower cost of Apple Silicon M-Series chips as a useful way to offset the additional cost of these new displays, though they are still far lower cost than OLED equivalents.

The redesign is expected to bring more of the iPad Pro (and now iPad Air and iPhone) design language to the Macs, so I’d expect them to lose the curved back to the lid for a flatter more angular design, possibly with the lid being slightly thicker to accommodate the display tech along with better FaceTime cameras that also support FaceID. Expect smaller display bezels and probably the curved corners to the display that reflect iPad Pro’s look too.