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On today’s Show, Fortnight V Apple ramps up, Apple Care gets an extension and Apple begins production on the iPhone event for October in Cupertino. #freefortnite

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Following Fortnite’s removal from the App Store and Epic Games filing a lawsuit against Apple, Epic is now reporting that Apple is closing their Developer account and removing their access to developer tools for iOS and Mac.

While it seemed that Epic had expected and perhaps wanted to be removed from the App Store for the publicity it would create, this seems to be more than they bargained for, asking a court to prevent Apple from suspending their account.

As a side effect however, Epic’s Unreal engine which powers many other apps will also be unable to be maintained, potentially affecting hundreds of other games and apps.

Apple Extends the #AppleCare window for the US & Canada from 60 days to one year.

Buyers of Apple hardware will now have an extended window to decide if they want to buy AppleCare Plus for their devices. AppleCare Plus is an additional warranty program that includes repair or replacement cover for theft, loss or accidental damage.

This news comes via an internal memo reported on by Bloomberg.

Apple begins production of #iPhone12 event for October keynote in Cupertino according to @leaksApplePro on twitter – If this is true it doesn’t rule out a live in person event to laugh the new iPhone models, however it would of course make sense given the current pandemic that Apple wouldn’t want to gather too many people in one place.

I for one really enjoyed the WWDC keynote and would be more than happy to see another event in the same style.
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