Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
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Following Fortnite adding the option to buy their Vbucks in game currency by bypassing the App Store, Apple promply removed the app from their iOS App Store.

Epic games, fortnigte’s owners were clearly expecting this as they immediately filed a pre-prepared lawsuit and posted parodies of Apple’s 1984 Macintosh advert, where of course Apple has now become the establishment where before, it was the challenger to IBM.

To be clear, the same has now happened in Google’s play store where the game has also been removed and lawsuits filed. I’m not sure why anyone here thinks Epic is in the right, unless they don’t think shops make a profit on groceries and other things they sell either… perhaps Epic thinks they should be allowed to ship boxed games to the stores for them to give away too, and not compensate them in any way. Stores make their money from connecting customers with products, and app & game stores should be no different.

Apple Registers AppleOriginalProductions domain name

Apple has secured a new domain for their original productions as they ramp up their AppleTV+ service. The platform which launched last year at 4.99 per month with a free trial year included with most Apple device purchases started off light on content but included some great shows, as a space geek I absolutely ate up For All Mankind.

Apple has very recently signed deals with Leonardo Di Caprio, Robert Downey Jr & Martin Scorsese, so they’re clearly looking to go bigger, and with those free trials expiring soon I’d expect some big announcements in the last quarter of the year to keep those subscriptions active.

Apple Pencil Colour

Rumours around Apple’s third generation pencil have pointed to a tiny camera in the tip. Why? So the pencil can grab colours from the real world to paint in your apps. This colour sampling would make the pencil far more useful as a device, and following its roll out across the whole iPad range now, from entry level to mini, Air to Pro, the Apple Pencil market is blowing up right now.

It would be great to see a single pencil with compatibility across the range rather than the current arrangement with 2 versions, which magnetically attaches and charges on compatible models but could use an optional “pencil case” a la AirPods to charge for those without the wireless charging option.

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