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What Apple’s recent products mean going forward.

Right up front, this segment is going to contain A LOT of speculation. This is not news, or leaks, but analysis based on past performance an hopefully, some common sense. I’ve complained in the past that Apple sucks at naming things. I’m hoping that with M1 Macs and their kinda fresh start, we could see […]

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Snapdragon 888 Vs Apple A14, New Hardware December 8th?

According to an internal memo Apple are likely to release some type of new hardware on December 8th. This is based on information released to Apple Service providers and lines up with similar releases in the recent past. Set for 05:30am Pacific time it’s though to possibly include new product SKUs, New or updated product […]

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MiniLED MacBooks in 2021 & MagSafe Duo Released

MagSafe Duo is more real than AirPower ever was. Yesterday without any fanfare, the MagSafe Duo charger appeared on available to buy for the frankly insane price of $129. Alternatively you could pick up a MagSafe Charger and an Apple Watch charger and tape them to a piece of cardboard. That will cost you […]