Does This ONE CRAZY TRICK fix MacBook Air Thermals? Your Questions, iCaveAnswered.

#iCaveAnswers Special – Today we’re just answering your questions. Want to skip to something specific? Use the links below! (thanks to my co-host Siri)
0:00 Intro

Viewer “Blue” Asks,
0:27 Do you think that Intel will go bankrupt or even lose market share? In The computer department? What might happen to intel? Do you think that intel has to worry , Because they still hold the majority in Computer Chips.
And by what time did apple start to hate, and separate from intel, (2015,2016,2017,2018,2019???)

4:03 Viewer “I like Among Us” Asks,
iCaveAnswers, How long will intel still alive? And what’ll happen to “gamers” Will they go to AMD, Or even Apple?

Viewer “Marcin Kowalczyk” Asks,
6:13 iCaveAnswers, do You think, in the future, systems composed with hierarchical multiple PoC’s [packages on the chip] (so a “m1x-type” SoC + extra “accelerator dyes” like extra controllers, coders/decoders and or extra cache memory pipeline for example) could become as a “premium upgrade” option?

Viewer “Marcin Kowalczyk” Asks, iCave – David Eden-Sangwell
8:12 #iCaveAnswers I wonder if there would be a noticeable long-workload difference if someone were to water-cool M1/M1X, as compared to “stock”? Maybe someone should make a video about it for the heck of it?

Viewer “Mikey” Asks,
9:57 iCaveAnswers, Why do you think that news headlines are Saying that iOS 14.4.2 is an Emergency? What is your opinion? Is it a vulnerable attack What happened

Viewer Souvik Mukherjee Asks
11:34 After a long time, How many ports should we expect to get with the 14 inch M1X MBP? Also, do you think that the 14 inch would be the sweetspot for most consumers?#MAKE6K.

Viewer Souvik Mukherjee Asks
14:22 iCaveAnswers, could Apple be a bit more aggressive by dropping down the price of the regular non-Mini and non-Pro iPhone to $700 (12S,13 etc. ) which might be a sweetspot? Rene Ritchie talked about this some time ago but I want to know your thoughts. #Make6K.

Viewer Souvik Mukherjee Asks,
16:53 iCaveAnswers, What exact customisation options would you like to see on iOS 15? Because believe it or not, we do care about aesthetics a lot and so, addition of any cool feature is always appreciated. One thing I wanna mention that the App Stack feature on my 11 Pro has been awesome. Thanks 😊.

Viewer Marcin Kowalczyk Asks
18:59 iCave – David Eden-Sangwell care to make power draw and temperature predictions for M1X [especially for bigger iMacs?

Viewer bibasik7 Asks
19:57 iCaveAnswers, Do you think the iPhone 13 will have Mini LED?

Viewer Joe Asks
21:20 iCaveAnswers, What other tech-youtubers you watch when you’re not recording / editing? 🍿

Viewer Phil Rosa-Leeke Asks
20:44 iCaveAnswers, Hi David, what’s your take on the Thermal Pad mod some are doing with their MBAs?

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