Hydrogen Fuel Cell MacBooks coming from Apple?

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Macs?

The US Patent office has published a number of new patents today, and one making a stir regards Hydrogen Fuel Cells.
Hydrogen fuel cels use hydrogen and oxygen to react together to give off water and energy, and that energy can be harnessed as electricity.

The patent actually looks like it is geared towards managing these hydrogen fuel cells from a device, not necessarily to power a mobile device so this could potentially be related to Apple’s Project Titan car project.

That being said, the downside of Hydrogen Fuel Cells is there is no infrastructure for Hydrogen right now, for cars or anything else consumer centric and Hydrogen is a very difficult gas to contain.

iPhone 12 production running 24/7 to meet demand.

Following the delays in getting 2020’s iPhone line up ready, it looks like Apple are making up for lost time. With the first iPhones due to reach distributors around October 5th, the factories are now working 24 hours a day with mandatory overtime and holidays cancelled.

Leaked shipping lables (Thanks to Jon Prosser) have showed that the 5.4” iPhone 12 Mini and 6.1” iPhone 12 Nothing are ready to go for the event, and arriving with 64/128 or 256GB Storage options. So far there are no signs of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models so the likelihood is they will still be delayed into early November.

RIP Free EarPods

We knew it was coming, but new evidence has emerged showing that Apple is indeed removing the free EarPods from iPhones this year. Code for iOS 14.2 Beta has changed a piece of wording, specifically “the supplied headphones” is replaced by just “headphones”. Its a sad day for us all. Lets just take a moment’s silence to remember the EarPods.

In all seriousness though, this combined with the charge block removal will drastically shrink the packaging for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, reduce transport costs, production cost and waste and help offset the cost of adding OLED across the line and the addition of stupidly expensive 5G chips.

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