Removing the iPhone Charger is GENIUS!

On Today’s show…

0:00 Intro
0:32 Braided Lightning cables with 2020 iPhones
1:46 B14 SOC Rumoured for IPhone 12 Mini?
3:35 Why removing the charge brick from iPhones is actually genius.
6:21 Notification Squad

iPhone 12 Models are rumoured to include a braided lightning cable according to leaked images. This could be using the same materials as the recycled braided bands that Apple just released for Apple Watch as another part of their environmental initiatives.

B14 Chip in iPhone 12 Mini?
In Sketchy rumours, the iPhone 12 Mini may get a lower powered version of the A14 processor. In the past Apple has offered slightly different versions of their A Series chips for different SKUs, for example the iPhone XR had an A12 with less Ram than the XS and XS Max phones.
Could this be part of the reason the Mini could also be getting a smaller notch – faceID or the depth sensors using a lower power verison?

The Genius of removing the charging block
By removing the charge brick from iPhone packaging, Apple is reducing e-Waste, shrinking the packaging so more iPhones can be transported on a single flight and also reducing complexity in production as multiple chargers for different countries don’t need to be tracked.
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