MiniLED MacBooks & iPads Incoming

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0:31 iPhone 12 5.4” to be branded iPhone 12 Mini?
1:08 iPhone Event Set for October 13th?
2:08 Apple’s MiniLED iPad and MacBooks Coming next year

iPhone 12 5.4” to be branded iPhone 12 Mini?

L0vetodeam has tweeted the names for Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup, with only one slight surprise
5.4” iPhone 12 Mini
6.1” iPhone 12
6.1” iPhone 12 Pro
6.7” iPhone 12 Pro TLDR (Max)
While this is barely groundbreaking, it does make sense and it would have been nicknamed something similar if Apple didn’t get in there first, I think IPhone 12 Nano would have been a good shout, or maybe even Air…

iPhone Event Set for October 13th?
Leaker Komiya AppleSeed responded to a tweet by YouTuber MKBHD, or Marques Brownlee, about the OnePlus 8T that is releasing on the 14th saying “right after the iPhone”

While this is unconfirmed that’s exactly when I’d estimated that the even would fall, of course we need Apple’s confirmation either way to know for sure.

Apple’s MiniLED displays coming to iPad and MacBooks in 2021

According to Ming Chi Kuo, 30-40% of iPads and 20-30% of MacBooks in 2021 will feature the new miniLED displays.
MiniLED offers better contrast ratios than traditional LCDs, use less energy and can be brighter, whilst not having the drawbacks of OLED like burn in and shorter service life.

Apple currently uses OLED in its flagship iPhones and the full Apple Watch line, though all the iPhone 12 line are expected to feature OLED panels when announced next month.

The increased expectations for miniLED are due to Apple brining on a second manufacturer to produce the panels which is helping to reduce the per unit cost.
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