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0:33 WeChat & TikTok both dodge Sunday ban
1:18 Reverse Wireless charging from iPhone to AirPods?
2:18 New iPad Pros in October?
3:17 Notification Squad Shout outs

WeChat & TikTok both dodge Sunday ban

President Trump’s executive orders to ban Chinese based apps Tik Tok and WeChat have both failed to come into force, but for very different reasons. Tik Tok has been able to make a deal with Oracle and Walmart to which Donald Trump has given his blessing, allowing the app to continue serving American users.

WeChat on the other hand had its executive order blocked by a district court judge in California who ruled that WeChat could be classed as a “virtual town square” and as such is protected by the first amendment to the United States Constitution which covers free speech.

Reverse Wireless charging from iPhone to AirPods?

Komiya AppleSeed on Twitter is reporting that iPhone 12 models may offer reverse wireless charging this year to top up AirPods while on the go. Rumours of reverse wireless charging circulated last year prior to the iPhone 11 launch but never came to fruition, and even sparked rumours that the hardware was included in the phones but was disabled in software. This turned out to be untrue when the iPhones were torn down after release.

Komiya does point out however that other iPhones and Apple Watches would not be able to be charged in this way from another iPhone, only AirPods. Charging larger devices would be unlikely from an iPhone as the process of wireless charging is not particularly efficient. What may make sense in future however if iPads Pro do eventually get a non metallic back plate is the possibility of topping up your phone or watch from the larger iPad battery.

New iPad Pros in October?

Following last week’s September Apple event with the introduction of the latest iPad Air, it’s likely that we’ll see an update to the iPads Pro before the end of 2020.
Apple’s A14 SOC in the iPad Air almost perfectly matches the 2020 Pro in single core performance, though the Pro still wins on graphics and multithreaded loads, as well as having better cameras and the 120hz ProMotion display.

That said, the A12Z chip is just the better quality (or binned) version of the A12X chip with all 8 graphics cores enabled as opposed to 7 in the A12X.

Reports have already emerged before the September 15th Event that A14X chips had gone into production, which may be destined for iPad Pro models, as well as potentially in Apple Silicon Macs, although these may have a different branding.
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