I was WRONG about #AppleEvent! 😂

I think everyone is wrong about the Apple event.
Brace yourself, this won’t be a short one.

Apple Event on September 15th – What is arriving? Time Flies.

Mark Gurman and Jon Prosser both don’t think iPhones will be announced. But, there are a number of pieces of evidence that say… maybe iPhones, more on that later in the video. Let’s get into it.

Apple Watch SE with Plastic “composite” housing? No ECG but with pulse oxymeter, maybe not waterproof to the depths, just shower proof. Could be Apple Watch series C, force press removed because of plastic housing? Apple insider reported on this 5 months ago and somehow, I found out about it today.

Apple Watch Series 6, premium, ecg, maybe improved
iPhones announced with 2 weeks lead time? Maybe cellular only on the flagships?

Software releases – iOS iPadOS and Apple TV/HomepodOS, improvements to HomeKit and new accessories.

AirPods Studio, over ear headphones. Easy win, and though they’re reported to be announced by press release, why would they if they have a 2 hour event to drag it out?

AirTags. Come on. Surely.
HomePod Air. Or Nano. Sold on being a HomeKit hub or as a pair for stereo.
Apple services bundle
Apple Card in More countries, less benefits but financing of Apple devices.
iPads with A14 inside – air or whatever it’s called. Points to iPhones too. Maybe with a battery and charging base?

Time flies suggests lidar – time of flight sensor, iPhones being announced but maybe not shipping? Has production ramped faster than expected? Also, suggestions that these assets were made before Apple couldn’t ship iPhones on time, and the AR logo reveal suggests Lidar too, and the colour of it many have pointed to as confirmation of Apple’s blue Apple Watch and iPhone 12 Pro. Reaching much? I think so. Last year’s announcement logo wasn’t dark green.

If there will be an October event, that will focus on Apple Silicon, MacOS Big Sur and possibly iPad’s Pro. If iPads come with A14 it’s unlikely the iPhones will come later, but Apple could save their A14X powered iPad Pro’s, as well as even more powerful chips with whatever name they get in MacBooks and MacBook Pro, and outside chance, maybe an iMac too? I can dream can’t I?
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