New MacBook DESIGN, plus WEIRD iPhone 12 DELAY rumour

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DigiTimes reports both 6.1” iPhones to ship first followed by the 5.4” and 6.7” variants

I have to be honest, to me this seems really unlikely, for a start, those two iPhones, while both using the same size OLED panels, that’s where the similarity ends. The entry level iPhone will have a lower quality panel that displays a lower colour depth, while the iPhone 12 Pro will support 10 bit colour and potentially 120Hz ProMotion.

Of course the only people who really know are those at Apple, but I’m personally taking this one with a pinch of salt for now, as I believe we’ll get the iPhone 12 Models around 19th October, with pro models following in November.

Why Apple TV+ needs to go HARD this fall

Let’s be honest, hardly anyone has paid for Apple TV Plus so far as Apple gave anyone with a new Mac, iPhone or iPad a full year’s free trial subscription, but that is coming to an end and Apple TV+’s line up is still looking a bit anaemic.

That being said, the line up has grown and there are some genuinely great series and movies in there now. I’m a huge fan of For all Mankind, Trying is brilliant for anyone who liked Cuckoo (an Andy Samberg project) and Defending Jacob found a good amount of acclaim.

But, is there enough now for $5 a month? Well maybe, its a small charge and we’ve mentioned in the past that Apple may well be bundling a number of their services into an Apple One type service. I have a feeling though that they may have a lot more up their sleeves.

Rumours had circulated in the past that Apple was looking to buy the MGM back catalogue to include, but given the Pandemic a lot of movie studios have suffered, being unable to produce or distribute their content in any meaningful way.

I have a feeling we may see a lot of content that Apple has bought the rights to that otherwise would have hit the cinemas, just like Tom Hanks’ Greyhound, but there is a chance they could just buy one of the movie studios for their own future productions, along with a back catalogue to bolster their content library.

Another New MacBook Concept Patented

In another patent filing unearthed by Patently Apple, this time a “continuation” or as I understand it, an update to an existing patent has modified their design for a really revolutionary concept.

This MacBook features a “dielectric input surface” where the keyboard and trackpad would normally be, formed at least “partially from glass, ceramic and/or plastic.

That means the potential for a virtual keyboard and trackpad and the ability to wirelessly charge phones, watches or AirPods on either side of the trackpad area especially when the computer isn’t in use. Imagine your laptop basically becoming AirPower when you’re not using it. Great for travel.

This would be a dual screen device at its heart, but with one display doubling as input methods in the laptop configuration but could also work as a graphics tablet when needed, or Final cut timeline, audio sliders for mixing, DJ decks, you get the idea!

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