Too Many iPads? Simplifying Apple’s iPad Range.

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Apple Delays Ad Tracking Blocker until 2021

Apple Announced at WWDC that a feature of iOS14 would be giving app by app control of which can show you ads based on an Identifier that lets you be tracked between different apps.

Developers have unsurprisingly been less than enthusiastic as any app showing Ads will then show a huge warning when the app is first opened. Apple Is reportedly creating their own custom identifier that still keeps your data private from the advertisers without the prominent warning, which is why Apple is pushing that feature back to early 2021, giving developers longer to integrate the changes.

What I’m Watching – The Boys
If you’ve never seen The Boys on Amazon Prime and you’re into the superhero genre, you’re missing out. The show follows Billy Butcher, played by Karl Urban, opposing the corporate owned superheroes who don’t have much actual care for the public.

I won’t say much more as I don’t want to spoil it, but believe me when I tell you it is dark comedy. The second season starts today, and if you want to check it out, there’s a link in the description for 30 days free Amazon Prime, including Prime video. You should take a look, plus, it helps support this channel.

Everyone seems to be confused about iPad vs iPad Air. Do we need both?

Leaks in the past week have talked of iPad Airs that look like pros but with TouchID, and entry level iPads that looks the same getting FaceID. But before, we never had an Air and an entry iPad, the Air was just the evolution when they cut off the side bezels. Going from the iPad with Retina display to iPad Air was a footprint reduction with the same screen. iPad Air 2 added Touch ID and is still supported by iPadOS14 today.

I’m not even convinced we need an iPad mini, with its 7.9 inch display, especially in a world where iPhones with a 6.7” display are just around the corner. So maybe we should Just have iPads, and iPads Pro?
Right now we’re talking about the entry level iPad being upgraded to an A12 processor from the A10, but that’s still a 2 year old processor by the time it arrives, while the iPhone SE launched with Apple’s latest silicon. So are we holding back processors to protect higher end hardware? Maybe we should move to an iPad with the latest A chip, and a Pro with the AX chip? And each in 2 sizes, if we must keep a mini, let it be a mini version of iPad and let Pro come in 11 & 12.9. Easy, or so you’d think.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he was faced with 15 product lines, each with multiple models. He cut that down to the famous grid, with Consumer and pro across the top, and desktop and notebook down the side. iMac, PowerMac, iBook and Powerbook. That was all they needed. Maybe its time to simplify Apple’s ranges again.
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