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0:00 Intro
0:28 Intel Tiger Lake Chips announced
1:48 Apple AirPods Studio Details
4:07 Apple Patents new MacBook Design
5:21 Notification Squad

Intel TigerLake 11th gen processors arrive as Apple jumps ship.

Intel’s latest chips are built on a 10nm process and feature built in Iris XE graphics that can run up to an 8k panel at 12bit colour depth.
I3 to I7 initially with uptown quad core processors, base clock of 3GHZ and boosting up to 4.8Ghz, built on their 10Nm die process.

Apple’s A14 system on a chip is expected to be using 5nm Chips from TSMC later this year.

Apple AirPods Studio details emerge

Colour – White & Space Grey
Very High quality audio & Active Noise Cancelling (Like Sony WX)
H1X chip
Ear detection
Announced on Apple Website
Hand Gestures like homePod
Shipping September or October

Apple’s Brand new MacBook Design Patented

Apple has been granted a patent for a brand new laptop chassis design that makes typing on a portable computer far more ergonomic. Details have come via
The design involves a more complex hinge mechanism which angles the keyboard up at the back and slopes down towards the user as the display is raised. While there are a number of laptops available with an overhanging display at the rear which tilts up the whole base, this would allow the keyboard and trackpad assembly to slope while the base of the computer, containing the processor, logic board and batteries to remain flat on the table or your lap.

The design may also open up access to additional ports and vents for connectivity and cooling of the computer.
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