Apple Silicon MacBook A14X ARM – Everyone is playing catch up :)

In this Apple Daily Show:
0:00 Intro
0:43 Apple Stock Jumps on Split
1:51 Apple Silicon MacBook 12 inch coming very soon
5:04 Apple Watch Supply Shortages
7:41 Notification Squad

Apple stock up as predicted after 1-4 split

As expected, Apple Stock has climbed after the stock split with the first day of trading yielding about 3.4% growth in the day. While the last thing I want is to become some trading channel, we last spoke about Apple when they’d just hit 2 Trillion dollars in market cap, and at the close of markets on Aug 31st, they were up to 2.207Tn, which is kinda insane.

Apple News sites FINALLY report on the 12” MacBook with Apple Silicon we talked about on August 2nd

I put out one of our earliest videos on August 2nd with leaked details (via @Komiya_kj) of Apple’s 12” MacBook model returning as probably the first Apple Silicon Mac, and on August 31st, most of the Apple rumours sites have picked up on the idea after an article in The China Times. Admittedly, that video we put out had pretty terrible audio, for which I can only apologise, but briefly we detailed:

Apple MacBook 12” chassis with a 4th Gen Butterfly Keyboard
A14X processor (rumoured to be around the performance of an Intel i9)
8 and 16gb Ram options,
256, 512 and potentially 1TB SSDs
15-20 hour battery,
720p potato FaceTime camera
Single USB-C port.

I chat more about it if you can excuse the audio in the main video which you can watch in the card up there.

Some Apple Watch Series 5 models only available for store pickup

As we approach Apple’s first event / Product launch of the quarter, Apple Watch Series 5 models are starting to go out of stock for Apple’s online store with just in store pickup available, potentially indicating stocks being run down ready for an imminent announcement of Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to keep a very similar design to Series 4 & 5, but with the Force Touch layer removed as the feature is missing from WatchOS 7 along with a rumoured pulse oximeter feature, faster wifi and an updated processor.
There’s recently been talk of Apple patents for a system that anticipates workouts based on switching to a sports strap. This would fit in well with Apple’s recently rumoured Fitness subscription program, but there have been no solid reports of the feature arriving in 2020.
Apple is also expected to replace the lower cost Series 3 with an Apple Watch SE type model in March 2021, most likely with the same Series 3 case but updated internals.
As for the event, press release or however this appears, our September 10th date may be off by a day, with September 9th now looking possible for the announcement, presumably with iPad updates too, and products shipping from the 11th.

But let me know in the comments, what is the one product you’re most excited for this autumn, iPhone 12, Pro, iPads, Watch or Apple Silicon?
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