11 Times Apple (courageously) Removed Features – RIP Flash!

11 Features Apple Bravely Killed, as Flash Dies.

Today is the day that Adobe Flash will no longer be a part of the internet. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t get those bogus pop ups trying to convince you to update yours when you go to the dodgiest of websites. Its just gives you one more clue they’re not legit.

So today, as we enter a brave new world of Flash free computing, lets take a look at other stuff Apple helped to end.

Apple does genuinely lead the way in many cases, and yes, there is often short term pain associated with it, but they seem to make the harder decisions that lead the industry.
0:00 Introduction
0:53 Floppy Disk Drive – iMac G3 for tray loading and then slot loading SuperDrives and combo drives. 1998 iMac G3
1:51 Legacy Connections, like ADB, SCSI and GeoPort Serial ports – introducing USB 1998 iMac G3
2:22 Fans – PowerMac G4 Cube, then MacBook and 2020 MacBook Air
3:47 CRT Monitors iMac G4
4:39 Upgradable Hardware – Gradual
5:22 Optical Drives MacBook Air 2008
5:49 Adobe FLASH iPhone 2007 (aka Macromedia flash)
6:14 iPod 30 Pin connector for lightning iPhone 5 2012
6:46 Headphone Jack 2016 iPhone 7
7:24 Butterfly keyboard 2020
8:17 Charge Bricks 2020 iPhone 12
9:32 In the future – Ports. 2021 iPhone 13?

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