How to QUIT SPLIT SCREEN on iPad Multitasking Split view

Apple’s split screen multi-tasking for iPad is one of the biggest reasons that iPad went from being seen as an oversized iPhone to a genuine productivity device.

But as helpful as side by side apps on iPad can be, it’s not as intuitive to use right away as some of Apple’s other features.

To invoke the Split screen multi tasking on iPad, simply open the first app you want to use, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen to show the dock. Then tap and pause on whatever app from the dock you want in the second window pane and drag it up and to one side of the screen, and release when it snaps to the edge.

To adjust the sizes of the two apps, just drag the middle handle on the divider between the panes to whichever side you prefer, so you can have a 25/75% split or the standard 50/50 split.

To quit the split screen mode, take that same handle and swipe right across to the edge of the screen, filling the screen with the app you want to keep.

The other multi-tasking option is swipe over, to activate this bring up the dock again but instead of locking the new app to one side of the screen, release it in the middle of the screen.

You can quit swipe over by swiping the app off the screen to the side, or swiping up like an iPhone to activate its multi task stack and swiping active apps up to quit them.

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